Feb 29, 2016 • 20M

034: How "UX as a Measurement" Leads to "Service Design"

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Michael Schofield
"The user experience is a metric." Brief high-level practical design strategy thinking and strategy by Michael Schofield.
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You might remember that in our 2016 Design Predictions episode, my number one was that we are going to see an explosion of “Service Design” in writeups, job descriptions, and the like. I hadn’t really heard about Service Design until winter 2015, but as I was editing this episode — a recut of a talk from June prior — my spiel about conceptualizing the user experience as a measurement led into a totally unintended talk about service design. This makes sense, because when we think about UX as a measurement we are thinking about holistic experiences that transcend the screen which reflect back at us the quality of the services we provide.

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