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035 - Lisa Rabey

035 - Lisa Rabey

Amanda and I interview Lisa Rabey ( Twitter ) ( Journal ) about how the trials of the job hunt for library technologists are exacerbated by employers’ unrealistic expectations for unicorns — full-stack engineers* who work the reference desk — given that, well, libraries aren’t really sure what they need.

This lack of definition is really a detriment. Her recent writing on this — “I Want to be a XXX Librarian” / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four — exposes just how goofy the job titles are, let alone their descriptions, unearthed and logged over the course of more than a hundred applications.

What libraries think they want versus what they actually need is the big thing nobody actually talks about.LISA RABEY

We asked her to swing by though because we echoed similar frustrations back in Episode 008: Hiring a Web Librarian, where we gawp at the bullshit of being expected to keep-up with the rapid pace of technology outside of the job for which one is intended to use it. We bring it up again later in this episode.

Loads here. Lots of wisdom.


  • 5:40 – TThe lack of consistent vocabulary to describe the kind of position employers are trying to hire for

  • 7:17 – On “unicorns”

  • 9:30 – Degree requirements and pay

  • 13:55 – Leaving the library world into doing back-end, server, or front-end development

  • 15:40 – Lisa’s current plan of attack

  • 18:00 – On Bootcamps and learning to code

  • 24:05 – Wisdom for librarians on the job hunt

  • 29:50 – Advice to people making hiring decisions

  • 34:45 – Getting in touch with Lisa

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