2016 Trends for Library Web Design


Our first podcast of the new year kicks off with our predictions for trends in library web design. We're stoked to see how we tally-up at the end of the year.

1. 2:19 - "Service Design" will be the new "User Experience Design"2. 4:39 - the future of WordPress is JavaScript3. 5:07 - the library app is finally dead - moreover the app in general as something distinct from the web will bottom-out its unpopularity4. 9:41 - more predictive / anticipatory services5. 12:16 - maturing API Driven Design (inspired by [Tim Broadwater](http://twitter.com/tim_broadwater))6. 15:54 - web animation everywhere you look (follow [Rachel Nabors](http://twitter.com/rachelnabors))7. 16:51 - #libweb drops the carousel, embraces the gigantor hero-unit search8. 19:12 - design around time, as in just-in-time information9. 20:11 - the market for prototyping tools explodes 10. 22:18 - Slack. Just Slack.