Aug 17, 2016 • 34M

Circulating Ideas #99 - Cecily Walker

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Michael Schofield
"The user experience is a metric." Brief high-level practical design strategy thinking and strategy by Michael Schofield.
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Circulating Ideas' host Steve Thomas generously allowed us to share the audio! We were stoked to guest-host.

Guest hosts Michael Schofield and Amanda L. Goodman from LibUX chat with Cecily Walker from Vancouver Public Library.

Cecily Walker is a librarian at Vancouver Public Library, where she focuses on user experience, community digital projects, digital collections, and the intersection of social justice, technology, and public librarianship. It was her frustration with the way that software was designed to meet the needs of highly technical users rather than the general public that led her to user experience, but it was her love of information, intellectual freedom, and commitment to social justice that led her back to librarianship. Cecily can be found on Twitter (@skeskali) where she frequently holds court on any number of subjects, but especially lipstick.

Michael Schofield and Amanda L. Goodman host the LibUX podcast.


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