Nov 14, 2016 • 30M

The Election as a Design Problem

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"The user experience is a metric." Brief high-level practical design strategy thinking and strategy by Michael Schofield.
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Can we talk about the voting process as a user experience problem?

Our — the LibUX — approach to the user experience is that UX is a metric, a plottable, predictable, and improvable measurement of the end-user’s cumulative experience of your service. And we care because we have seen that actively investing in a good user experience has positive returns on the measurements your business or organization cares about. Is it foot traffic, is it database usage, is it income.

So, if we can apply this to civic participation, where we want people to vote — that’s the number we care about, voter turnout — can we then approach the challenge of improving this number by improving the user experience of voting?

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