Aug 28, 2016 • 33M

Crafting Websites with Design Triggers (Repeat)

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Michael Schofield
"The user experience is a metric." Brief high-level practical design strategy thinking and strategy by Michael Schofield.
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Hey, listeners! This week's episode is an oldie but a goodie. I used all my available storage on libsyn for August being so on point with this weekly show, that I can't upload anything new until the first full week of September. So, from the archives, I present to you one of my favorite topics: design triggers.

A design trigger is a pattern meant to appeal to behavior and cognitive biases observed in users. Big data and the user experience boom has provided a lot of information about how people actually use the web, which designs work, and–although creepy–how it is possible to cobble together an effective site designed to social engineer users.

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